Trucks and buses have stopped


Took over a number of AI and ended up with 3800 total trucks and buses. There were still other AI playing with yet another 1500 vehicles. I was trying to beat the red AI. I didn't want to sell my vehicles as I thought they kept bringing up my reputation in town (rating) so that I could destroy more buildings around his airports. This seemed to be working. I also destroyed pavement leading to his bus and truck depots. This jammed up some of my vehicles but most of them continued making stops. At some point I decided I had to get rid of thousands of vehicles. I went to the main list to the drop down and selected "send to depot". I think a few depots were blocked off or had lost access to the roads, but there were still many other depots open. Most of my vehicles went into "stopped" mode. I see no way to restart them in mass. I wondered if I could just delete them. I'd be happy to delete them without getting any money as I'm sure this would get my computer out of lagging. Is there a way to restart 3500 trucks and buses with a few clicks?

Please help.

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