Zuk A-15, foto van thejunktimers

Zuk A-15

In 1973 Lublin FSC has made the modernization of all its products. This upgrade also included the cars firefighting.

They rebuilt the front wall of the vehicle body by giving it a more angular line. Other body parts and equipment Fire no different from previously produced version. Upgraded vehicle received the designation A-15M and still was produced with two types of engines for the domestic market and for export.

Another modernization of firefighting Beetle was carried out in 1975. The most significant change was the use of the engine S-21 version destined for the domestic market (so far this engine mounted only copies of export). Other elements of the bodywork and equipment were the same as the version of the A-15M. The new vehicle received the designation A-15B.

In 1978, he abandoned the production of two-wheeled trailer with a reel for hoses, moving them into the vehicle. This was a result of modernization of equipment Polish guard modern snakes torlenowe three times lighter and smaller by volume than the previously used hoses rubberised. Eradication trailer contributed to the significant improvement maneuverability and agility of the car. The vehicle in this version was designated A-15C.

Żuk A-15C GLM-8 (1978)

Marking Fire PN-79: GLM-8
Chassis: Zuk A-15 with 4-cylinder petrol engine S21 70 bhp
Transmission: 3 + R
Chassis: 4x2
Body: one-segment composed of body parts model A06 / A07
Number of seats: 6 (2 + 4)
The dimensions (length, width, height): 4440x1820x1920 (mm)
Total weight: 2300 kg
Top speed: 95 km / h

Fire equipment:

-Motor-pump M-800 PO-5E Polonia with a capacity of 800 l / min at a pressure of 8 bar
-suction and discharge hoses
-fittings water and foam
-ladder and three-bay pillar


Alex Miedema
Ik heb dit object verplaatst van Zuk onbekend/overig (Brandweer) naar Zuk A-15 (Brandweer)

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