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Big, Big, Big, Welons Festival in Wintelre

24-06-2019 - Een Festival op zijn Amerikaans met Big Beer, Big Clothing, Big Hamburgers, Big Tractors, Big Trucks, Big Cars, Big Camping and Big Music. Het was goed georganiseerd voor groot en klein, gelukkig was ik er al vroeg om enkele leuke plaatjes te maken.


Jeremy Clarkson wordt agrariƫr of boer

28-05-2019 -

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Jeremy Clarkson will swap super cars for the tractor in an upcoming television series where he aims to shine a spotlight on British farming - 'warts and all'.


[video] Hyundai 'Elevate' Walking Car Concept

09-01-2019 -

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Any first responder will tell you that the first 72 hours following a natural disaster are the most crucial to saving lives. However, often times due to the nature of the disaster (forest fire, earthquake, hurricane, or flood), it can be difficult for search-and-rescue and humanitarian aid missions to reach and get immediate help to those in need. The need for efficient, rapid, resilient transportation for disaster assistance is what led Hyundai to develop the first-ever vehicle with moveable legs. Elevate is the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), blending technology found in electric cars and robots, which allows it to

Alex Miedema

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