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EuroTier 2022 explores feeding management in-depth

19-09-2022 - Equipping livestock farmers with knowledge about advanced feeding solutions is a key objective of the EuroTier 2022 trade fair taking place in Hanover, Germany, 15 to 18 November. Sustainable animal housing concepts for successful livestock feeding will be presented with the underpinning goals of optimal


Podcast serie - interview met (GHGguru) frank Mitloehner

22-06-2019 - Nav congress "the role of ruminants in sustainable diets" afgelopen vrijdag een interview van / peak human met Frank Mitloehner. welliswaar lang en engelstalig, maar vol met wetenswaardigheden als weerwoord voor andersdenkenden. Make up your own mind.
Aan het eind zijn veel wetenswaardigheden gebundeld

Originele beschrijving
You guys are in for a treat. Dr. Frank Mitloehner is about to destroy every argument every anti-meat propaganda spewing know-it-all has ever let slip from their quinoa-loving lips. I’d list them all to get you fired up, but it would take too long. You’re just going to have to listen up and pay attention to every second of this episode.

Dr. Mitloehner has a masters in Agricultural Engineering and Animal Science from University of Leipzig, Germany, and a PhD in Animal Science from Texas Tech University.


EuroTier 2018 international animal production trade fair

15-10-2018 - The world’s leading trade fair for animal production, EuroTier, will be presenting innovations and trends for agriculture, providing direction for livestock farmers, at the Hanover Exhibition Grounds, Germany, from 13 to 16 November this year.


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04-10-2018 BMC is back with its new Tuğra 0 reacties
21-09-2018 MOL introduces the biggest rigid oilfield truck currently built in Europe today 0 reacties
19-09-2018 Ford F-MAX is International Truck of the Year 2019 0 reacties
07-08-2018 Bierbrouwers hebben last van droogte en warm weer 0 reacties
20-03-2018 IFF course Fundamentals in feed-compounding technology 0 reacties
20-12-2017 FrieslandCampina stelt Jan Kruise aan als Managing Director in Duitsland 0 reacties
13-09-2017 World's most advanced taxi is ready for the European market 0 reacties
04-09-2017 GASA Group Germany breidt directie uit met Oliver Kessel 0 reacties
10-02-2017 GKN Driveline helps make innovative StreetScooter more affordable 0 reacties