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Rostock (Duitsland)


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14 Mar 2019

Transport in a new dimension: Rotor blades for state-of-the-art wind turbines

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Heavy haulage specialist Rostock-Trans has opted for trailers from the DOLL VARIO series to transport state-of-the-art rotor blades for new wind turbine models. Managing Director Laars Hennek reports on his experiences. Semi low-loaders versus trailers: when it comes to transporting rotor blades, both systems currently still come into play. Laars Hennek, Managing Director of Rostock-Trans GmbH, has however noticed a clear trend emerging: “Development never stops. Take the blades produced by the Nordex Group, for example – with the NR 74 models, we are already seeing lengths of 72.5 metres and dead weights of around 22 tons.” For the rotor

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12 Mar 2019

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